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Please read first Introduction Has giving changed your life? Philanthropy is a powerful mix of possibility, responsibility, learning and inspiration. It’s the chance to make a difference, using your family’s unique gifts. For many families, engaging their children is an important step along their philanthropic journey. Module 1 Getting to know our family It’s tempting for people new to philanthropy to jump into learning about issues they care deeply about. Or about a nonprofit getting great results. But the place to start is your family. Explore 6 Units To Explore Module 2 Getting to know our philanthropy Once you have a firm sense of your family's history and culture, it’s time to think about your shared philanthropic interests and approaches, as well as the core skills you will need in the areas of investment, governance, and grantmaking. Explore 7 Units To Explore Module 3 Personal development/visioning For young people, philanthropy offers many opportunities for building skills and knowledge for one’s personal growth and development. Explore 6 Units To Explore Module 4 Beyond the basics Philanthropy is not just about making grants. There are many related strategies and activities that next gen family members can participate in and support. Explore 8 Units To Explore Module 5 Supporting next gen involvement Gone are the days of one generation handing over leadership and stepping aside—but there is no limit to what generations working together can achieve. Explore 4 Units To Explore

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