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Module 5: Unit 1

Preparing for authentic youth leadership

Once youth have the information they need it's time for them to use this knowledge and leading the way.

In this unit you will find examples of next generation youth that are now leaders in their field. You will also be provided with activities and tips on how to best help youth find their leadership potential.

Read (10 minutes)
Postitive tracks: A story of generation next philanthropy Read this article to hear a specific story of a next generation family member that was inspired by her family's philanthropy.
Read (20 minutes)
Engaging youth in heart & soul community planning This guidebook discusses why engaging youth is so important and how to begin allowing young people to take leadership and ownership over philanthropy.
Read (10 minutes)
Four lessons for effectively engaging youth This short article looks at four lessons to engage youth effectively at all levels.
Read (20 minutes)
Choosing and preparing your grantmaking successors Read this NCFP Passages Issue Brief to find tips on succession and how to effectively pass down leadership from generation to generation.
Read (45 minutes)
Growing up giving: Insights into how young people feel about charity Read this report on young people that have grown up around a philanthropic environment and how it has made them feel about charity, giving, and family.
Do (15 minutes)

family-love-wordcloudDesigning your familycoat of arms

Completing the Activity: Draw a coat of arms on a sheet of paper, dividing it into four equal parts. Have the youth and adults use both words and pictures to reflect on one of the following in each of the parts:

  1. Influential people in our lives;
  2. Influential experiences that we have had;
  3. Dreams and aspirations; and
  4. Strengths and unique talents.

Have youth and adults share their coat of arms with each other to explore below the surface and begin to discover our unique individual stories.

Do (90+ minutes)


Youth Strengths Activity

Completing the Activity:

  1. Draw a table with 4-6 rows and 3 columns.
  2. Label the columns from left to right: Strengths – Application – Results.
  3. Have youth identify in the first column between 3-5 strengths that they have. In the second column, brainstorm ways that they can apply their strengths to the team/organization or a community issue.
  4. Over the next few weeks, check in with the youth on how they have applied their strengths and capture the results in the third column.  Reflect on the experience of applying their strengths.