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Module 5: Unit 2

Expectations: A generational Look

Most would agree that the next generation should be involved in a family's philanthropy but the next question is how should they be integrated into the current generations philanthropy?

This unit provides a look at foundations that have successfully merged the current and next generation of family members as well as advice on how to achieve this.

Read (60 minutes)
When Generations Collide ($$) Read this book as an introduction to the ways generations interact with each other and the challenges families sometimes face when generations try to work together.
Read (5 minutes)
Opportunity of a lifetime: Young adults in family philanthropy Read this Passages Issue Brief to gain some insight on the intergenerational workings of next generation philanthropy and the benefits it carries.
Tune-in (15 minutes)
So you want to be a family foundation trustee? This video outlines the process of becoming and serving as a family foundation trustee. Aimed at the younger generation, this video can be helpful in introducing the next gen to the responsibilities of the older generation.
Tune-in (10 minutes)
Lumpkin Family Foundation: An introduction to our work from senior members of the Lumpkin Family Watch this video and share it with young people. It focuses on the work of the Lumpkin Family Foundation and serves as an introduction video to the youth of the family that may not be engaged in the family's philanthropy quite yet.
Tune-in (5 minutes)
Youth Philanthropy Connect Watch this video to see how multiple family foundations have been engaging their young people through Youth Philanthropy Connect and gain some insight into the type of work these youth are doing.
Do (90+ minutes)

roleplay2164Play roleplay ($$)

Completing the activity: The work of giving can be serious business, but it doesn’t always have to be. 21/64, in partnership with Youth Philanthropy Connect & The Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation, created roleplay as a tool to help you leverage an often overlooked way to explore your role in philanthropy: play. This interactive tool helps users gain awareness of how they act in different roles—both personally and as a funder—to make mindful choices about the roles they want to play. 

Do (90+ minutes)

generational2164Create a generational profile using 2164's Generational Profile ToolkIt ($$)

Completing the activity: Each generation has its own lens through which it sees the world. We encourage those operating in a multigenerational context or trying to engage the next generation to build their empathy for these distinct generational perspectives. This deeper understanding will help lay the foundation of trust, respect and collaboration that is crucial to productive, long-term relationships and effective decision-making. Breaking into small groups, users will work together to create profiles of each of the generations contributing to their awareness of how each generation approaches decision-making. Each kit contains a set of poster-size blank silhouette posters, the 21/64 Generational Personalities resource booklet, an electronic copy of #NextGenDonors slides in pdf form, and facilitator’s guide.

Do (5 minutes)

love-world-giving-wordcloudDay of Giving

Completing the activity: Engage your family in A Day of Giving that brings together every generation of the family.

To find out more about the Day of Giving click here.

Do (30 minutes)

picture your legacy 2164Play picture your legacy ($$)

Completing the activity: Picture Your Legacy is a deck of 52 colorful image cards that guides individuals, groups, and families toward articulating a legacy—be it in business, philanthropy, or life. Images can help to stimulate this process by tapping into the right side of your brain and revealing how you aspire to be in the world. Use these cards to catalyze creative conversations among individuals, groups and families of any age and across generational divides.