Family Philanthropy Online (FP Online)

FP Online is a dual service comprising an online Knowledge Center and Teleconference Series, both offered through subscription by the National Center for Family Philanthropy.

Subscribers use FP Online to supplement their own educational offerings to members and donors or to assist in their professional work. Subscribers include community foundations, regional associations of grantmakers, financial and legal advisor firms, philanthropic advisors, consultant firms, and other organizations working to support the growth of effective family philanthropy.

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Knowledge Center
Search the world’s largest online library exclusively for giving families and those who work with them.

Family Philanthropy Webinar Series (Monthly)
Hear the perspectives of national experts on raising charitable children, choosing a philanthropic agenda, succession planning and much more through participation in our monthly teleconference series.

Organizational Subscribers
Find out which other organizations and their representatives subscribe to FP Online.

Content Partners
Learn more about the expert organizations that contribute content to FP Online. 

Subscription Levels and Benefits
Take a closer look at the subscription levels and benefits available for organizations and our new individual subscription for professional advisors. 

Become a subscriber
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89 percent of American households give. 55 percent of Americans volunteer.

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