Special Thanks

The National Center for Family Philanthropy would like to thank the  RGK Foundation for assisting us with our business planning implementation initiative, which led to the creation of this new website. Their support and guidance have been instrumental in making this website a reality.

We also wish to thank the many donors and supporters that have continued to be supporters of our work. We especially would like to give special thanks to  The Weaver Foundation and the  Hoffberger Foundation for contributing photos of their foundations at work. If you would like to contribute photos of your foundation at work, please send them to us . We will make every effort to try and incorporate them into our website, publications and marketing materials.


Family Planting Tree
Pictured are the third and fourth generations of the Weaver family at a community tree planting. This was the foundation’s attempt to introduce the fourth generation to service.

Little Girl Painting Alone & Family Painting Together
These pictures show members of the Hoffberger Family participating in a community art initiative through the Rebuilding through Art Project (RAP), at the Lockerman Bundy Elementary School in Baltimore, MD. RAP worked with the school’s students to design and install a  mural on the outside of the school building.

This community service project was part of the “Hoffberger Family Philanthropy Weekend”, which was held to introduce, inspire and reinforce family philanthropy, and provided an opportunity for family members to become involved in the Hoffberger Foundation.


In 1913, John D. Rockefeller, Sr. made gifts totaling $35 million to the newly chartered Rockefeller Foundation. A year later, he added $65 million. The Rockefeller Foundation currently has over $3 billion in assets and has given away more than $14 billion.