Next Gen Leaders Taking the Reins of Family Philanthropy

Editor’s note: The new Next Gen Donors report features a variety of quotes and perspectives from next gen donors on the topics of values and legacy, strategic grantmaking, and collaborations and relationships. Here are a few of the highlights.

Values and Legacy: Quotes from The Next Gen Donors Study

Strategic Giving: Quotes from The Next Gen Donors Study


Collaboration and Relationships: Quotes from The Next Gen Donors Study

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Quotes from Russell Family Foundation board members

“My interests have never been on the programmatic side but on how we fund those programs, how we invest accordingly, how we help people who are passionate about it.

“I didn’t play soccer as a kid. I read The New York Times and The Economist to learn about investments.”

– Zac Russell, next gen trustee, Russell Family Foundation, in New York Times article Family Foundations Prepare for the Next Generation”

“It seems to me that the crux of the multi-generational integration lies at the intersection of education and consideration. The older generation, as educators and role models, must not come across as know-it-alls, must not answer questions dismissively, and must not assume that their approach is unassailable. The next generation, as pupils and change-makers, must listen first, ask questions second, and offer opinions third. Humility and open ears on both sides are crucial.”

– from Mutual Consideration: How to Integrate the Next Generation, published on the Philanthropy Northwest Blog, by Chris Rurik, Historian/Storyteller and next gen family member, The Russell Family Foundation

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