Friends Focus highlights updates from members of our Friends of the Family network and their cutting edge work. This month we feature updates on the grantmaking programs of several friends, including the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the Barr Foundation, the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation, the Helen Bader Foundation, and the Nord Family Foundation. Also included is our complete list of current NCFP Friends and Leadership Circle members.

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Ridgway H. White named president of Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

The trustees of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation have appointed Ridgway H. White (picture above, at left) as the fourth president of the organization, effective January 1, 2015. He succeeds his father, William S. White (Bill), who remains chairman and CEO. “It’s the right time and the right approach for the evolution of the organization,” said Bill White, who has been president of the Foundation since 1976, CEO since 1979 and chairman of the board of trustees since 1988. “The Foundation is in excellent shape. Our people, our programs and our assets are all strong, and we’re poised to continue our work to promote an equitable and sustainable society.”

As president, Ridgway White will bring to the Foundation an entrepreneurial spirit gleaned from 10 years of experience in guiding revitalization efforts in downtown Flint. “I’m honored to have the opportunity to continue the foundation’s legacy of service to the people and communities we support,” he said. “And the strength of our team at Mott gives me great confidence in our ability to make a difference. At every level, our staff members are talented, committed professionals who know their topic areas and care so much about the work we do together.” Read more

Barr Foundation President Jim Canales Addresses three key decisions to guide foundation into next era

In his latest “From the President” blog post, Barr Foundation President Jim Canales discusses the work he has led over the past six months to shape “the next stage of Barr’s philanthropic mission.” Canales describes three key decisions made by the foundation’s leadership during this time, including the issues and geographic region the foundation will focus on, and the decision to conclude Barr’s global grantmaking program by the end of 2015. In describing this decision, Canales notes that Barr “went beyond an initial $15 million commitment to this effort, bringing total grant commitments to $35 million to date. We also actively engaged with peers to share what we have been learning – including a December 2013 publication from the global team, entitled From Local to Global. As a stand-alone program, Barr Global has been effective. Yet, with a determination to bring greater focus and coherence to Barr’s priority issues and geography, we reached this conclusion to conclude the program.”

scanning-the-landscapeFrieda C. Fox Family Foundation supports research on youth philanthropy

The Foundation Center recently partnered with Youth Philanthropy Connect, a program of the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation to conduct research on youth philanthropy around the world in Scanning the Landscape of Youth Philanthropy: Observations and Recommendations for Strengthening a Growing Field. The scan, released in November 2014, shares reflections on an in-depth examination of the story and needs of youth grantmaking (young people making monetary contributions to organizations through established institutions or governing bodies). The report finds that while more than 200 foundations worldwide offer youth grantmaking programs and more than 100 related resources exist, that information is not broadly available. Recommendations include providing wider access to youth philanthropy programs, centralizing resources, and increasing in-person gatherings.

NCFP Friends use technology to highlight grantees and streamline the grants management and communications process

Two long-time NCFP Friends, the Nord Family Foundation and the Helen Bader Foundation, are using technology in different ways to both share and collect information about their grantee partners. The Nord Family Foundation’s Faces of Philanthropy page celebrates Nord grantees and the impact of their work through short videos of leaders at these organizations. The Bader Foundation’s new online application portal allows current and potential applicants to track and manage requests throughout the process, from preliminary application through progress reports. The portal also allows applicants and partners to leave messages for staff regarding specific requests, as well as request staff consideration of new funding for a previously submitted project.


Current list of NCFP Friends and Leadership Circle members

We offer special thanks to our Friends of the Family and Leadership Circle funders who support and sustain the work of NCFP. Our Leadership Circle recognizes a special group of our most generous supporters. Our Friends offer continuing support for our work, ensuring that future generations of donor families can access the best possible resources for sound decision-making. For more information, please contact Maureen Esposito at 202.293.3276 or at

Leadership Circle:

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

RGK Foundation

David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Lilly Endowment

Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund

Meadows Foundation

Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund

Walter and Elise Haas Fund

Annenberg Foundation

An Anonymous Donor

S.D. Bechtel, Jr Foundation

C.E. and S. Foundation

Arie and Ida Crown Memorial

Dyson Foundation
Max. M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation

Flora Family Foundation

Frey Foundation

Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund

Hyde Family Foundations

Leighty Foundation

Dean & Margaret Lesher Foundation

Mathile Family Foundation

McKnight Foundation

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Nord Family Foundation

Roy A. Hunt Foundation

Seth Sprague Educational and Charitable Foundation

George B. Storer Foundation

Surdna Foundation

Friends of the Family:

Allen H. & Selma W. Berkman Charitable Trust

Allyn Foundation

Altec-Styslinger Foundation Inc

Amanater Social Ventures

Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies

Ansara Family Fund

Apex Foundation

Arthur Vining Davis Foundation

Ausherman Family Foundation


Barry Foundation

Ben & Maytee Fisch Foundation

Bernstein Family Foundation

Bigglesworth Family Foundation

Blumenthal Foundation

Boone Family Foundation

Borgen Family Foundation

Brindle Foundation

Brinson Foundation

Carl and Eloise Pohlad Family Foundation

Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family Foundation

Carlson Family Foundation

Carol & James Collins Foundation

Carolyn Foundation

Castellano Family Foundation

Cemala Foundation

Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation

Chauncey and Marion D. McCormick Family Foundation

CL Werner Foundation

Colina Foundation

Commonweal Foundation

Compton Foundation

Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

Couch Family Foundation

Crevier Family Foundation

Cricket Island Foundation

CS Fund

Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation

Dan and Merrie Boone Foundation

David and Lura Lovell Foundation

David B. Gold Foundation

Davis Family Fund

Deerbrook Charitable Trust

Delaplaine Foundation

Dexter F. and Dorothy H. Baker Foundation

Dorrance Family Foundation

Durfee Foundation

Edward John Noble Foundation

Edward S. Moore Foundation

Ethel & W. George Kennedy Foundation

Ferree Foundation

Five Anonymous Donors

Fleishhacker Foundation

Fletcher Bay Foundation

Flora L. Thornton Foundation

Fowler Family Foundation

Frances Hollis Brain Foundation

Francis Family Foundation

Frank H. and Eva B. Buck Foundation

Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation

Frist Foundation

Fuller Foundation

George Foundation

Gerald Oppenheimer Family Foundation

Gilhousen Family Foundation

Grayce B. Kerr Foundation

Hackett Family Foundation

Hardee Family Foundation

Hatfield Family Foundation

Hattie M. Strong Foundation

Hawksglen Foundation

Hidden Leaf Foundation

Hoffberger Family Philanthropies

Homer A. and Mildred S. Scott Foundation

Homestead Foundation

Horner Foundation

HRK Foundation

Irene E. and George A. Davis Foundation

Irving Harris Foundation

Isambard Brunel Society of North America

Island Foundation

Jackson Foundation

Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation

Jacobs Family Foundation

James R. and Anita Horne Jenkins Family Foundation

Jean and Saul A. Mintz Foundation

Jeffrey and Rita Adler Foundation

Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation

John M. Belk Educational Endowment

Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds

Joseph S. Bruno Charitable Foundation

Joyce and Irving Goldman Family Foundation

Katherine W. Dumke & E.R. Dumke, Jr. Foundation

Kay Family Foundation

Kohlberg Foundation

Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund

Lawrence Welk Family Foundation

Lawson Foundation

Legacy Works Foundation

Leo & Libby Nevas Family Foundation

Lift a Life Foundation

Lipscomb Family Foundation

Louis & Anne Abrons Foundation

Ludwick Family Foundation

Lumpkin Family Foundation

M.B. and Edna Zale Foundation

Marion I. & Henry J. Knott Foundation

MARK Foundation

Martha-Ellen Tye Foundation

Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation

McNeely Foundation

Medina Foundation

Michael and Gillian Goodrich Foundation

Miller Wehrle Family Foundation

Mr. David Rockefeller

Murad Family Foundation

Nibs & Edna Allen Foundation

Nick Simons Foundation

Nimick Forbesway Foundation

Nordblom Family Foundation

Patricia D. & William B. Smullin Foundation

Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation

Patrina Foundation

Paul M. Angell Family Foundation

Pierce Family Foundation

Pilot House Associates

Public Education Network

Quimby Family Foundation

Quixote Foundation

R. Howard Dobbs, Jr. Foundation

Ralph E. Ogden Foundation

Rasmuson Foundation

Realan Foundation

Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation

Richard H. Driehaus Foundation

Robins Foundation

Rockdale Foundation

Roth Family Foundation

Roy & Patricia Disney Family Foundation

Ruderman Family Foundation

Russell Family Foundation

Ruth Mott Foundation

Sampson Family Foundation

Samuel Rubin Foundation

Satterberg Foundation

Sauer Children's Renew Foundation

Self Family Foundation

Simms/Mann Family Foundation

Simon K Y Lee Foundation

Siragusa Foundation

Springs Close Foundation

Stifler Family Foundation

Stocker Foundation

Stranahan Foundation

Stuart Family Foundation

Sybil H. Smith Charitable Trust

Tarsadia Foundation

Tauck Foundation

The Annie E. Casey Foundation

The Buck Family Foundation

The Celia Lipton Farris and Victor W. Farris Foundation

The Clowes Fund

The Daniel Foundation of Alabama

The Dresher Foundation

The Eric & Jane Nord Family Fund

The Fine Foundation

The Greehey Family Foundation

The Hamilton Foundation

The Harvey L. Miller Family Foundation

The Hastings Foundation

The Hershey Foundation

The Hoglund Foundation

The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation

The Jay & Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Minnesota

The Looper Foundation

The Miller Wehrle Family Foundation

The Moniker Foundation

The Mortimer Levitt Foundation

The Orfalea Foundation

The Peck Foundation

The Raymond C. & Anna T. Johnson Foundation

The Robert G. Cabell III and Maude Morgan Cabell Foundation

The Seaver Institute

The Tow Foundation

The Wilbur and Hilda Glenn Family Foundation

Three Swallows Foundation

Tracy Family Foundation

Triad Foundation

TriMix Foundation

Volgenau Foundation

W. Clement & Jessie V. Stone Foundation

W. James Samford, Jr. Foundation

W. O’Neil Foundation

Walker Foundation

Walter S. Johnson Foundation

Wardle Foundation

Weaver Foundation

Weissberg Foundation

Weller Family Foundation

Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation

WHH Foundation

William Bingham Foundation

William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund

William G. McGowan Charitable Fund

William J. & Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundation

Williams Family Foundation of Georgia

Woodard Family Foundation

Wyncote Foundation

Yoreinu Foundation

Zarrow Families Foundation

Zeist Foundation