NCFP was deeply saddened earlier this month upon news of the death of Richard Rockefeller. Richard was part of the opening plenary for our 10th anniversary symposium with his daughter, Rebecca. He was a remarkable man, whose many roles included serving as a physician who worked on PTSD for war veterans and as a member of the advisory board for doctors without borders, and as former chair of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.  Here we share some of the many testimonials regarding his life of service.


"Richard was a leader in his generation of the Rockefeller family, continuing the principled philanthropy of his father, David, and uncles who established the RBF in 1940, while responding to the needs of a profoundly transformed world." 

--Valerie Rockefeller Wayne, Chair and
Stephen Heintz, President, Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Source: The (Rockefeller Brothers) Fund Mourns the Loss of Richard Rockefeller


"From his first consciousness, he was aware of the fourth-generation opportunities and resources he had, and he was thinking very deliberately of making use of them." 

-- James Fallows, journalist and friend

Source: A Rockefeller Known Not for Wealth but for His Efforts to Help


"Richard was a giant in the conservation of Maine. His whole life was devoted to conservation in Maine. He found inspiration in the coast of Maine and substance in the coast of Maine, and renewal. Because of him, many generations will be able to enjoy Maine’s coast for years to come." 

-- Tim Glidden, President, Maine Coast Heritage Trust


“Regardless of what his last name was, he was an authentic and genuine guy who tried to inspire others and, with me, he did just that."

-- Dr. Susan Shepherd

Source: Maine philanthropist Richard Rockefeller, 65, killed in plane crash