Friends Focus highlights updates from members of our Friends of the Family network and their cutting edge work. This month features updates from The Collins Foundation; The Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation; The Tow Foundation; C.S. Mott Foundation; Island Foundation; and The Rasmuson Foundation.

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The Collins Foundation releases its annual report on diversity, equity, and inclusion 

The Collins Foundation has been serving the communities of Oregon since 1947. As a family foundation, they take pride in generations of family service, with each new generation working to keep pace with a rapidly changing Oregon to serve the state’s communities in the best possible way. Demographic changes and growing disparities in Oregon, combined with an evolving awareness around issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, inspired the foundation to seek a deeper understanding of themselves and others. In thier annual report, The Collins Foundation shares their vision and strategies for achieving greater diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in thier work over the next three years. 

The Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation joins the Divest Invest movement

The Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation joined the Divest Invest movement, a global effort calling for all investors "to divest from the fossil fuel industries deepening the climate crisis and invest instead in climate solutions." In addition to grantmaking, the Foundation achieves a positive impact by aligning their financial investments with the mission of moving people and places out of poverty. The Foundation recognizes that climate change has a disproportionate impact on people of low-wealth and communities of color across the American South, the nation, and the globe. Read more about the foundation's investment policy here.

Rasmuson Foundation selects Individual Artist Award winners to support Alaska's culture 

Last week, Rasmuson Foundation awarded its 13th round of Individual Artist Awards. The awards are part of an initiative to support Alaska's culture, vibrant communities, and art itself. More about this program can be found here. Diane Kaplan, Rasmuson’s CEO, shares, “When we launched in 2003, we asked one simple question: ‘What would be the best way to encourage and cultivate a vibrant arts sector in Alaska?’ The response was clear: invest in artists. Since then, we have awarded more than 400 grants totaling $3.5 million paid directly to artists, helping them to continue to create, experiment and contribute art to Alaska communities. The return on this investment has exceeded our expectations.”

Tow Foundation supports fellowships to strengthen reporting on juvenile justice

The Center on Media, Crime and Justice at John Jay College (CMCJ) has selected 26 journalists as Reporting Fellows for its third year-long program aimed at strengthening reporting on juvenile justice during the election year. The fellowship program is sponsored by The Tow Foundation and will be launched Monday, June 13 and Tuesday, June 14, 2016 with a symposium at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, entitled "Children and the Law: Reporting on the Changing Culture of Juvenile Justice."

C.S. Mott Foundation & Island Foundation support a new fellowship 

The environmental movement, like philanthropy, has a race problem. There are some emerging funding efforts to address it, including new fellowships hoping to introduce more diverse leadership into the field. One such program is a partnership between the Environmental Grantmakers Association and the University of Michigan, the Environmental Fellows Program (EFP), announced this year. EEP is a national program that seeks to diversify the field of environmental conservation philanthropy through 12-week paid internships with partner foundations and NGOs, including NCFP friends C.S. Mott Foundation & Island Foundation.

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