Friends Focus highlights updates from members of our Friends of the Family network and their cutting edge work. This month features updates from the Durfee Foundation; The Sobrato Family FoundationPerrin Family FoundationThe Clowes Fund and The Springs Close Foundation.

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From Creative Disruption to Systems Change: A 20-Year Retrospective on the Durfee Foundation Sabbatical Program

The Durfee Foundation is pleased to share their report, From Creative Disruption to Systems Change: A 20-Year Retrospective on the Durfee Foundation Sabbatical Program. The results of this evaluation show both the short and long-term benefits for individuals and organizations that partake in a well-planned sabbatical.

Who’s Giving Grants for DACA Right Now: Sobrato Family Foundation Joins the Fight

The Sobrato Family Foundation, based in Silicon Valley, is one funder that has recently joined the fight and started dedicating grantmaking dollars to DACA. It announced the creation of a new, one-time fund of $150,000 for current Sobrato grantees. The purpose of the fund is to reimburse existing grantees for DACA application fees. The funder also granted $25,000 to each of five local organizations addressing the legal needs of DACA participants.

Perrin Family Foundation Statement on the Repeal of DACA

Tens of thousands of young people and families across Connecticut are impacted by the decision to repeal DACA. Perrin Family Foundation stands beside them, and encourages you to listen to their voices, invest in their leadership, and heed their calls for support and action during this difficult and uncertain time. 

Clowes Fund Announces Officers and Directors

The Clowes Fund is a family foundation based in Indianapolis that has been awarding grants since 1952. Members of The Clowes Fund, Inc. met in Indianapolis to elect directors and officers. In addition to the officers, the Fund members elected their Board of Directors.

Springs Close Foundation Honors Fabric of the Community Recipients

The Springs Close Foundation celebrated its fifth and final Fabric of the Community Awards. Culminating a five-year objective to recognize those in the region who conduct superior service in a similar spirit to Colonel Elliott Springs, the foundation tasked itself with awarding a total of $150,000 to area individuals and nonprofits. The final dollars and accolades were bestowed at the event, which marked the 75th anniversary of The Springs Close Foundation.

Special Thanks: NCFP Friends and Leadership Circle Members

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