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How to Close a Foundation: The Pottruck Family Experience

Posted by Susan Crites Price on April 11, 2009

With a tough economy comes tough decisions. That was true for the Pottruck Family Foundation board, which dissolved the foundation effective Jan. 30, 2009. As their assets shrank in the declining markets of 2008, the family decided that by shifting their philanthropy to a donor-advised fund, they could...

Strategies for family giving in difficult times

Posted by Virginia Esposito on January 15, 2009

One of the many privileges of my work is the opportunity to speak with, share a little experience, and – often – sympathize with grantmaking families on a daily basis. The phones have been busy quite a bit over the last several months and, for the first time in my almost 29-year history in this work,...

Families step up to meet the economic crisis

Posted by Joseph Foote on January 15, 2009

On a sunny Sunday in November, 2008, the board of the Durfee Foundation gathered in the 48-year-old foundation’s office in Santa Monica, California. The trustees already knew that the foundation’s assets of approximately $30 million had fallen 30 percent. The talk before the meeting focused on the...

Giving internationally when the dollar is down

Posted by National Center for Family Philanthropy on September 15, 2008

Q: How can we make sure our international grants have the most impact in times when the dollar is weak? A: An increasing number of family foundations are giving internationally. Our 2008 Pursuit of Excellence survey discovered that 21 percent of family foundation respondents make such grants....

Giving in tough times

Posted by Kevin Laskowski on June 15, 2008

The American economy is being buffeted by rising food and energy prices, housing foreclosures, a credit crunch, and falling stock prices. Nonprofits are caught between two crosswinds: surging community needs and a drop in donations from individual givers—the main source of nonprofit revenue....

Effective Family Grantmaking in Times of Economic Uncertainty

Posted by National Center for Family Philanthropy on May 15, 2004

By its very nature, family philanthropy tends to be a long-term endeavor. Family philanthropies that seek to effectively serve through the generations need to be flexible, resourceful, and resilient. In uncertain economic times, families must employ a variety of strategies to reinvent themselves and to...

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