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Training the youngest philanthropists

Posted by National Center for Family Philanthropy on February 15, 2010

At the recent Council on Foundations Family Foundation Conference in San Diego, a new book by a father and teenage daughter sold out in minutes. In The Power of Half (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books 2010), Kevin and Hannah Salwen share the engrossing story of their family’s decision to sell their...

What will really engage the next generation?

Posted by Sharna Goldseker on August 15, 2009

Sharna Goldseker, one of the country’s leading experts on next generation philanthropy, is vice president of the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies in New York and directs 21/64, a division of the foundation specializing in next generation and multi-generational strategic philanthropy....

The Geraldine and Howard Polinger family foundation

Posted by Rebecca Zimmerman on August 11, 2009

One Foundation’s Plan for Embracing the Next Generation Lorre Polinger and her siblings are facing a common challenge in family foundations or funds: how to engage their combined nine children in the family’s philanthropy. Founded in 1968 by their parents, Geraldine and the late Howard Polinger, the...

Encouraging young philanthropists, part two

Posted by Kevin Laskowski on January 15, 2008

Last month’s Family Giving News tackled the question of how today’s giving families encourage children to be generous. This month’s issue asks: how can charitable children become effective family philanthropists? How does a family prepare the next generation for possible roles as board members, fund...

Encouraging young philanthropists, part one

Posted by Kevin Laskowski on December 15, 2007

The holidays are a time of celebration, sharing, and enjoying the company of family and friends. They’re also a time of advertising, doorbuster sales, and conspicuous consumption. For families concerned about raising charitable children, the holidays can represent a challenge as well as a great...

Charitable Children and the Season of Giving, Getting and Growing

Posted by Virginia Esposito on December 15, 2006

Why do you want your children to understand generosity as a key family value and how do you hope they will take both a personal and a family role in philanthropy?

4 Tips for Building Bonds, Improving Communication, and Encouraging the Next Generation

Posted by Sarah Trzepacz on April 15, 2006

As nice as it would be to believe that a family’s unique dynamic— composed of individual and collective histories, experiences, memories, and modes of communication—remains firmly outside the discussions in which philanthropic decisions are made, the truth is that these factors can influence a family’s...

Six Timeless Tips for Raising Philanthropic Children

Posted by Sarah Trzepacz on July 15, 2005

Providing for children not only involves ensuring that they have clothes on their backs, roofs over their heads, and food in their stomachs, it also requires that families supply a sense of appreciation for their gifts, monetary and otherwise, and the desire to share those gifts with others....

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