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"Change Happens at the Speed of Trust"

Posted by Patrick Troska on March 13, 2017

We knew we had to change the dynamic. We began by changing how we show up as individuals and as an institution.

My sabbatical zen: Reflections on a 3-month pause in the action

Posted by Patrick Troska on December 1, 2015

Patrick Troska, Executive Director of the Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation, reflects on the four "R"'s of his recent sabbatical: resting, roving, reflecting, and recharging. "It is important to acknowledge that nothing fell apart at the Foundation while I was away," writes Troska. I credit that to good planning and an extraordinarily good team. The sabbatical provided the opportunity for the Foundation to consider its succession planning needs (I won’t be here forever and everyone is replaceable)."

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