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Geographic Dispersion: Opportunities for Far-Flung Families

Posted on September 15, 2006 by Kevin Laskowski

Among all the challenges that family philanthropies of all types face, giving families increasingly find themselves struggling with geography. In 2000, the National Center for Family Philanthropy and the Foundation Center found that the grants of a vast majority of family foundations were committed to a city, state, or region; only 7.8% of family foundations were classified as national or… Read More
Case Studies

Claude W. and Dolly Ahrens Foundation

Posted on August 15, 2006 by National Center for Family Philanthropy

In August, Profiles in Family Philanthropy features the Claude W. and Dolly Ahrens Foundation of Grinnell, Iowa. The foundation was established in 1993 by the late Claude W. Ahrens. Mr. Ahrens enjoyed a long, successful business career in the playground and agricultural manufacturing fields and desired to return some of the fruits of his labor, with a focus on his… Read More
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Benefits of non-family participation in your philanthropy

Posted on August 15, 2006 by Sarah Trzepacz

For many families the act of giving remains an intensely personal one and discussions regarding their philanthropy are more likely to take place across a kitchen table than a boardroom table. For this reason the idea of inviting non-family perspectives into their philanthropy may seem more like a complicating factor than a boon. Even families whose relationships are relatively trouble-free… Read More
From the President's Desk

Time Passages- Celebrating and Chronicling Life’s Great Events

Posted on August 15, 2006 by Virginia M. Esposito

I have always considered myself to be pretty comfortable handling the passage of time. I think birthdays are far preferable to the alternative plus I get presents. (Okay, so I have been viciously shredding my AARP invitations – don’t I have a few years before I can/want to take advantage of their benefits?) Didn’t I chuckle at the fact that… Read More
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In Loving Memory: the Pros and Con of Legacy Grants

Posted on July 15, 2006 by Sarah Trzepacz

The loss of a loved one is difficult for any family to bear, and the desire to celebrate and honor his or her life and accomplishments is natural and common. For philanthropic families, if the lost family member has played a significant role in their giving, grief and sadness can be coupled with some confusion or uncertainty about the state… Read More
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A Family’s Guide to Board Evaluations

Posted on June 15, 2006 by Sarah Trzepacz

A recent Council on Foundations’ survey—from the twelfth edition of Foundation Governing Boards and Administrative Expenses in Private Foundations—found that of the 144 family foundation trustees polled about activities related to their board service, only 21—14.6%—reported participating in board self-assessments in 2004. By comparison, 74.6% of those surveyed reported attending conferences or seminars to increase their capacity as board members,… Read More
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Six Simple Steps to a Successful, Stress-Free Family Meeting

Posted on May 15, 2006 by Sarah Trzepacz

Like so many other things preparation for a family meeting is vital to its success. With a little planning you can orchestrate and carry off a family meeting that accomplishes your philanthropic goals, strengthens your family’s commitment to effective governance of your giving vehicle, and is more enjoyable than you thought possible. By taking time to think through why, when,… Read More
Case Studies

The Nickle Family Foundation

Posted on April 15, 2006 by National Center for Family Philanthropy

This month we profile the Nickle Family Foundation, based in Alberta, Canada, which is the product of two earlier foundations, one founded by Samuel Clarence Nickle, Sr. and the other by his son, Carl O. Nickle. The Foundation, which is currently governed exclusively by members of the third and fourth generations, funds a wide range of causes throughout its home… Read More
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4 Tips for Building Bonds, Improving Communication, and Encouraging the Next Generation

Posted on April 15, 2006 by Sarah Trzepacz

As nice as it would be to believe that a family’s unique dynamic— composed of individual and collective histories, experiences, memories, and modes of communication—remains firmly outside the discussions in which philanthropic decisions are made, the truth is that these factors can influence a family’s giving. Because a family philanthropy is built on a family’s values, identity, passion, and energy,… Read More
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Maximizing Charitable Returns: Mission-Related and Socially Responsible Investing

Posted on March 15, 2006 by Sarah Trzepacz

In last month’s issue we explored several ways to expand your philanthropic agenda to include new giving vehicles and new ways of thinking about effective giving. Among the giving options we explored was the idea of program-related investing, wherein philanthropies use their financial resources to support ventures or projects whose mission complements their own. This month we’ll look more closely… Read More

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