COVID-19: Response and Recovery Resources for Giving Families

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“This is a time when humanity is fundamentally tested; a time when each of us is called to reflect on how we might not only persist, but contribute to the health and well-being of those around us.”

-Nick Tedesco, NCFP President & CEO

A Letter to the Community (March 23, 2020)

During these trying times, NCFP is heartened to see donors harness the power of philanthropy to combat the social, economic, and health implications of COVID-19.

We recognize that it’s challenging to identify trusted information in a time of crisis. Accordingly, NCFP is actively curating funding opportunities and resources, which include an issue brief, Leadership in Difficult Times: Guidance for Donors and Giving Families, and other tools.

Issue Brief: Leadership in Difficult Times: Guidance for Donors and Families

This guide offers an initial compilation of lessons and inspirations to help donors and families act in the near-term, as well as a variety of tips for family philanthropy’s long-term response. Included are ideas and resources from giving families, family funders, and philanthropy leadership organizations.

Webinar Replay: Family Philanthropy’s Response to COVID-19

This webinar features perspectives and advice from key philanthropy leaders including Antony Bugg-Levine, CEO of the Nonprofit Finance Fund; Patricia McIlreavy, President and CEO of the Center for Disaster Philanthropy; Diana Scearce, consultant with the S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation and Principal, Diana Scearce Consulting; and Marcus Walton, President and CEO, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO).

COVID-19 Response and Recovery Funds

NCFP and Giving Compass are working together to bring you the most comprehensive list of COVID-19 relief funds. While we integrate our efforts, you can also explore funds on Giving Compass.

Basic due diligence has been conducted on the listed funds confirming charitable status and good financial standing; however, we recommend that all grantors conduct independent due diligence and / or consult with legal counsel prior to initiating a gift. NCFP does not endorse the organizations listed or make any representations as to their efficacy. Please contact with questions or comments.

National and International Funds

American Red Cross Coronavirus Outbreak

British Red Cross Society

CARE Emergency Surge Fund

CDC Foundation Combat Coronavirus

Center for Disaster Philanthropy CDP COVID-19 Response Fund

Emergency Ong Onlus Italian Coronavirus Appeal

Emergent Fund People’s Bailout

Feeding America COVID-19 Response Fund

Gates Foundation Combating COVID-19 Fund

GlobalGiving Coronavirus Relief Fund

King Baudouin Foundation United States COVID-19 Fund for Italy

Meals on Wheels COVID-19 Response Fund

Médecins Sans Frontières

Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation

Save the Children Coronavirus Relief Fund

Unicef USA COVID-19 Relief

United Way COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund

World Health Organization, United Nations Foundation, and Swiss Philanthropy Foundation COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund

Thank you to CAF America for assisting in the sourcing of international funds.

Issue-area Funds

CERF+ The Artists Safety Net

Gates Foundation Therapeutics Accelerator Fund

Horizons Foundation LGBTQ COVID-19 Response Emergency Fund

Hispanics in Philanthropy COVID-19 Rapid Response Migration Fund and Civic Participation Fund (Hispanics in Philanthropy)

Hispanics in Philanthropy and Justice for Migrant Women: Farmerworkers’ COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund

Musicians Foundation CV19 Support Fund

National Domestic Workers Alliance Coronavirus Cares Fund 

National Education Association Foundation, Grantmakers for Education COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund to Support School Communities

Local Funds

Click the interactive map below to explore local funds.

Know of a fund that should be included? Email of Local COVID-19 Funds

Articles and Resources

There are a growing number of helpful resources and perspectives on how philanthropic families and donors can best understand and respond to the COVID-19 crisis. Below are several initial resources that we have found to be most useful. NCFP staff will continue to update this list with more current information as it becomes available; please let us know if you have a resource to suggest.


Coronavirus Crisis Comms Triage Kit (The Communications Network)

Guidance for Philanthropic Communications in a Pandemic (Northern California Grantmakers)

Rapid-response Grantee Feedback Tool (Center for Effective Philanthropy)

Family Foundation Messaging to Grantees

Ball Brothers Foundation

Barr Foundation

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Field Foundation of Illinois

GHR Foundation

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Family Foundation

Heising-Simons Foundation

Lumina Foundation

McKnight Foundation

Rasmuson Foundation

Robins Foundation

Surdna Foundation

Walter & Elise Haas Fund

Walton Family Foundation

William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund

Zellerbach Family Foundation

Difficult Discussions

Difficult Discussions at Difficult Times (NCFP)

Expanding Your Comfort Zone: A Window Into Risk in Family Philanthropy (NCFP)

Endowments: Balancing Increasing Grantmaking Needs with Decreasing Returns

Recent strategies and perspectives:

The Need to Up Giving Levels Even When You Have Less (Center for Effective Philanthropy)

Now Is the Time for Philanthropy to Give More, Not Less (The Chronicle of Philanthropy)

How Bridge Loans Can Aid Nonprofits and Social Enterprises Through the Covid-19 Crisis (Barron’s)

Response to COVID-19: Bridge Loans Strategy (Open Road Alliance)

Spending, flexibility, and dealing with economic downturns (William and Flora Hewlett Foundation)

A ‘Balancing Test’ for Foundation Spending (Stanford Social Innovation Review)

Market Volatility in the Face of COVID-19 (Exponent Philanthropy)

Foundation Grantmaking over the Economic Cycle (Urban Institute)

The Ethical Argument for Foundations to Increase Their Annual Payout Rate Beyond 5% (Vu Le)

NCFP Passages Issue Briefs with Lessons Learned from Past Financial Crises:

Managing Risk: Board Oversight of Foundation Investments (NCFP, 2010)

Families Step Up to Meet Economic Crisis (NCFP, 2009)

Giving Until it Hurts: Coping with a Tough Economy (NCFP, 2003)

Equity and Social Justice

Bainum Family Foundation: COVID-19 Decisions Must Protect the Most Marginalized and Vulnerable (NCFP)

Coronavirus and Racial + Social Equity: Centering Justice During Times of Uncertainty and Four Things You Can do Right Now (The Justice Collective)

Coronavirus: Wisdom from a Social Justice Lens (Podcast from Irresistible fka Healing Justice Podcast)

Talking About COVID-19: A Call for Racial, Economic, and Health Equity (Opportunity Agenda)

Ten Equity Implications of the Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak in the United States (NAACP)


Ask the Center: Loosening Restrictions on Grants During COVID-19 Crisis (NCFP)

6 Steps for Grant Makers to Take Now to Ensure Nonprofits Recover From Coronavirus Spread (The Chronicle of Philanthropy)

Foundations: Use Your Balance Sheet to Help (FSG)

Help for Nonprofits During the Coronavirus and Uncertain Economic Times (The Chronicle of Philanthropy)

How Philanthropists Are Helping During the Crisis (The New York Times)

Philanthropy Has a Duty to Respond Quickly to the COVID-19 Outbreak. Here’s How We Can Do It (Inside Philanthropy)

Risk Management Toolkit (Open Road Alliance)

What Philanthropy Can Do Today to Support Grantees Through the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis (The Bridgespan Group)

Operations and Self-care

4-7-8 Breathing Exercises (Dr. Andrew Weil)

10 Habits of a Healthy Family Culture (Pullen Consulting Group)

11 Things You Can Do to Manage Your Coronavirus Anxiety (WBUR)

Anxiety and Purpose: How to Handle the Stress Around COVID-19 (Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network)

Coronavirus Anxiety: Coping with Stress, Fear, and Uncertainty (HelpGuide)

Coronavirus Healthy Habits for Emotional Well Being (ChangeDirection)

How to Facilitate Effective Virtual Meetings (Beth Kanter)

How to Get People to Actually Participate in Virtual Meetings (Harvard Business Review)

Virtual Meetings Untangled (BoardSource)

Wellbeing in Times of Uncertainty (Full Frame Initiative)

What One Nonprofit Has Learned About Telework After a Bumpy Start (The Chronicle of Philanthropy)

Resources for Grantees

Cutting Through the Jargon: How the CARES Act Works for Nonprofits (Nonprofit Quarterly)

Responding to the Coronavirus Outbreak: Resources to Help Nonprofits (The Chronicle of Philanthropy)

Nonprofit Coronavirus Resources (Massachusetts Nonprofit Network)


Other Resource Centers

Candid: Funding for Coronavirus

Center for Disaster Philanthropy: COVID-19 Coronavirus

Council on Foundations: External Resources for Responding to COVID-19

Council of Michigan Foundations: COVID-19 Resource Central

Early Childhood Funders Collaborative: COVID-19 Resources

Foundant Technologies: COVID-19 Response

Forefront: COVID-19 Resources and Updates

Funders for LGBTQ Issues: LGBTQ Funding Resources in the COVID-19 Response

Independent Sector: Information on COVID-19

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy: Philanthropy & COVID-19

National Council of Nonprofits: The Nonprofit Community Confronts the Coronavirus

New England International Donors: COVID-19 Articles

Philanthropy California: COVID-19 Response

Philanthropy Ohio: COVID-19 Resources for Funders

Philanthropy New York: COVID-19 Updates and Resources

Philanthropy Northwest: Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak

Philanthropy Roundtable: Philanthropy & COVID-19

Philanthropy Southwest: COVID-19 Resources

Southeastern Council of Foundations: COVID-19 Resource Hub

Tableau: COVID-19 Data Hub

United Philanthropy Forum: How Philanthropy Can Respond to COVID-19

Webinars from the Field


3/31: From Crisis Comes Opportunity: Re-imaganing Our Economic Systems (Common Future)

3/31: Maintaining Human Connection in a Virtual World (Foundant Technologies)

3/31: Policy Briefing: How the $2 Trillion COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Bill Impacts Philanthropy (Council on Foundations)

4/3: Live Discussion: COVID-19 Funder Response (Exponent Philanthropy)

4/8: Philanthropic Efforts to Battle COVID-19 Around the Corner and Around the World (Stanford Social Innovation Review)

4/10: Leadership in Crisis: Insights for Philanthropic and Nonprofit Leaders (Center for Effective Philanthropy)


3/5: COVID-19 Coronavirus: How Philanthropy Can Respond (Center for Disaster Philanthropy)

3/12: Funder to Funder Call: Sharing Approaches to COVID-19 Community Response (Council on Foundations)

3/18: [Coffee Talk] COVID-19 Concerns in Grantmaking (Foundant Technologies)

3/19: Emergency Preparedness and Response: COVID19 and the arts ecosystem (Grantmakers in the Arts)

3/24: Community Foundation CEO Roundtable: The New Normal of COVID-19 (Council on Foundations)

3/25: [Coffee Talk] COVID-19 Concerns in Scholarship Management (Session 1) (Foundant Technologies)

3/26: [Coffee Talk] COVID-19 Concerns in Day-to-Day Accounting Functions (Session 1) (Foundant Technologies)

3/26: COVID-19: Past Epidemics and Vulnerability—Lessons for Funders Today (Center for Disaster Philanthropy)

3/26: How Philanthropy Can Best Support Nonprofits in a Pandemic? (Council on Foundations)

3/27: Family Philanthropy’s Response to COVID-19 (NCFP)

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