Strategic Lifespan Peer Network: Using Systems to Achieve Sustainable Success

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Why do social systems resist our best intentions to improve their performance? How can you use systems thinking to achieve sustainable system-wide impact by taking both the short and long term consequences of your decisions into account? Join field expert David Peter Stroh for a conversation with Brian Collier, Executive Vice President of the Foundation for the Carolinas. Brian has activated systems thinking on an initiative called Leading on Opportunity, using it to identify short-term projects within a long-term strategy for increasing upward mobility in the Charlotte area. In this special conversation, we will talk about the differences between conventional and systems thinking, distinguish quick fixes from short-term sustainable successes, and imagine the system you want to create without your foundation in it.

As a reminder, our Peer Network events are not recorded. Come ready to have an engaging conversation with your peerswe want to hear your stories, tips, and resources! Join with your webcam if possible, or call in for audio only. 

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Brian Collier

Brian Collier serves as Executive Vice President for Foundation For The Carolinas in Charlotte, N.C.—the 6th…

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David Peter Stroh

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