Impact Strategies & Tools

Translating Your Philanthropic Objectives Into Action

How will you use your resources to achieve your purpose?

At its core, grantmaking brings your objectives to life to create good for others. Your philanthropic strategy is the roadmap to achieve your desired social impact.

Pride of Place

This Content Collection features NCFP's report providing the first-ever, in-depth look at place-based, multi-generational family giving, along with a variety of other resources and case studies on place-based family philanthropy.

Ending Well: Exits and Spend Down

The resources shared in this collection contain information and tools developed through the experience of multiple philanthropies involved in exits—including the Foundation.


Working with Consultants and Philanthropic Advisors

There are almost as many reasons to hire a consultant as there are consultants. These resources will help you take the right steps to find, hire, and manage a consultant who will deliver what you need whether it be for strategy, evaluation, or communications.

Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

How do you define equity and how much emphasis do you place on advancing equity within your organization and through the grants that you make? How diverse is your board and staff, and how inclusive are you of other perspectives in your decision-making around grants, governance, and overall policy? This Content Collection includes a variety of perspectives and tools for

Investment and Spending Policies

This Content Collection includes resources describing how a foundation's spending policy and organizational objectives are linked to development of a cohesive and integrated investment strategy, as well as sample policies and other related advice.

Volunteering and Family Philanthropy

In this unprecedented time of increasing needs and decreasing financial resources how can family funders support their closest grantees to more efficiently and effectively accomplish their critical missions? Volunteers are a vastly underutilized yet virtually unlimited resource that can expand and enhance nearly every area of an organization. However, to effectively tap volunteer resources requires creating a culture that values

Power Dynamics in Family Philanthropy

This Content Collection shares perspectives from nonprofit leaders and foundation colleagues on the challenges of power dynamics in family philanthropy, and possible solutions for how to address these issues.

Collaboration and Partnership

Whether working in a funder collaborative or finding ways to better partner with the grantees you support, collaboration and partnership is often at the heart of effective and impactful family philanthropy. This Content Collection includes a variety of stories of funders engaged in successful collaborations, as well as tips and tools for how to make the most of your relationships

Privacy and Transparency: Anonymous vs. Public Giving

Modesty may make some families reticent, but others point to the potential for good in the family name and reputation. Many families have learned to take explicit advantage of what can be a useful grantmaking tool. The family name can garner respect, or at least attention. It can act as an imprimatur of sorts, particularly when the family encourages grantees