Succession & Legacy

Exploring Identity, Lifespan, and Next Generation Engagement

It is helpful to consider legacy and succession early in the lifecycle of your philanthropy, with an understanding that your views will no doubt evolve over time. What is the significance of your philanthropy?

Giving While Living: Profiles of Donors and Families

Giving While Living — the idea that people with wealth should use it during their lifetime to help others — is central to the work of a growing number of donors, including Atlantic Philanthropies’ founder Chuck Feeney, who has been a leading spokesperson in this movement to inspire individuals at varying levels of wealth to actively give their funds, skills

map with multiple blue pins marking locations

Geographic Dispersion: Giving Together Across Distances

In our increasingly mobile society, family philanthropies once defined by their proximity now encounter a new obstacle: geography. How does geography affect a philanthropy’s mission? How do you keep the family and the philanthropy together? This Content Collection share webinars, stories, and tips for geographically dispersed family foundation boards and families. For an in-depth discussion of place-based family philanthropy, see

Board Composition, Diversity, and Recruitment

This Content Collection provides resources, perspectives, and sample polices for families and boards thinking about board composition and recruitment, both within and outside the family.

Discretionary Grants

If you asked at a gathering of family foundation folks whether using discretionary grants is a good idea, you’d never reach consensus. Many family foundations don’t use them. Those that do have widely varied policies governing how much money is available, who is eligible to make the grants, and whether the grants must be within the foundation’s mission and guidelines.