Emotionally Invested: Stories of Impact Investing

The theme of this issue of Passages is “Emotionally Invested” and it includes a number of articles about impact investing alongside your values. Impact investing seeks a return from one’s investments other than a strictly financial return. For the majority of impact investors, that means they seek a general or specific environmental, social or governance outcome, in addition to a financial return, from their investments.

For example, an investor who may be concerned about the effects of climate change, may seek to reduce the exposure to fossil fuels in their investment portfolio, reinvesting the proceeds in either alternative forms of energy or in other investments. Others may choose to invest in solutions designed to increase options for affordable housing. With impact investing – it is possible to invest with intention and insight and still have an eye toward a competitive market return. What follows in this publication are a series of articles that help give real, practical meaning to what impact investing is all about and how families can identify and build shared values that extend to their investments.