Grantmaking Programs

With assets of $25 million, the Durfee Foundation currently allocates approximately$1 million a year in grants. The programs it supports reflect the personality and values of its founder, Stan Avery. Ironically, the grantrnaking philosophy and practices initiated by the second generation and fleshed out by the third generation capture Stan’s spirit in ways that his own grantrnaking never did. An innovator in business, Stan followed a traditional approach of granting foundation dollars to established cultural and educational institutions with which he had some personal connection. His children and grandchildren achieved the feat of moving the foundation into a new sphere of grantmaking while remaining entirely true to its founder. In preferring to initiate their own programs, the second and third generations pay tribute to Stan, the entrepreneur and risk-taker. By offering grants to talented individuals, they honor his belief that the greatest payoffs come from investing in the growth and development of leaders. And by rewarding individuals who are creative and imaginative, they recognize Stan’s love of innovation and experimentation.