Investment Policy Statement with Focus on Socially Responsible Investing (Needmor Fund)

An investment policy with a special focus on socially responsible investing. From the policy’s introduction:

We believe that a foundation lives out its mission and values not only through the organizations it supports, but also by how it uses its assets. Mission related investing is an investment process that considers the social and environmental consequences of investments in addition to financial analysis and performance. It contributes to strategic philanthropy by using all of a foundation’s resources – investment and grantmaking dollars – to achieve the foundation’s mission and values. Increasing evidence demonstrates that mission related investing does not have to have a negative effect on financial returns. In fact, by reducing risks and liabilities, the effect is often positive. While we understand that there are no perfect companies to invest in, we also believe that through mission related investing we can reduce the conflict between our mission and our investments.

We take seriously fiduciary responsibility and recognize that this responsibility does not end with maximizing return and minimizing risk. We recognize that economic growth can come at considerable cost to community and environment and we believe that fiduciary responsibility demands that we combine prudent financial management practices with social, environmental, and economic practices consistent with our mission.

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