Is there a database for donors to find great grants/nonprofits to fund?

Every year, our family foundation considers new causes and grantees to support. Since the foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals, the foundation staff would like to know if there is a database or another resource that captures great grantseeker requests for funding.

To our knowledge there does not (yet) exist a one-stop-shop for grantmakers looking to navigate requests for funding. However, there are quite a few resources to simplify that process! The first place to look is in the “Community” section of the NCFP website, where you’ll find Featured Nonprofit Ratings Sites in the “useful links” subsection. You might find other great giving opportunities on crowd-funding platforms such as Global Giving and Kickstarter. From those resources, you could take a look at Great Nonprofits, which can assist with vetting and due diligence. 

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