The Robina Foundation is a Minnesota-based limited-life foundation slated to end on December 31, 2020.  As the Foundation neared the end of its term, the Board of Directors engaged a philanthropic giving expert to discuss Robina’s work with the Board and Robina’s grantees.  Robina’s Legacy Report describes the lessons learned from the Robina experience and includes the Foundation’s “Guiding Principles” and a list of Robina’s grants.  Throughout the operation of the Foundation, the Board was informed by Jim Binger’s vision for the Foundation, which the Founder set forth in the Robina’s Bylaws.

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Strategic Lifespan and Limited Life Foundations

This NCFP Content Collection is aimed at new donors considering what strategic lifespan will best work for their foundation, as well as existing foundations that have already set a closing date, or any family or board contemplating the question.

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