About the Fund: Values

The trustees and staff of the Fund are committed to honoring the Fund’s legacy as we engage in work that has meaning for today and for the future. Our recent strategic planning process led us to reflect on our mission and to consider the values and focus that we want to bring to our work. Across all of our program and issue areas, the following provides both insight and direction to the Fund’s decision-making processes.

First, the Fund’s basic values are framed by a commitment to:


The diversity of our region—in terms of race, ethnicity, culture, spoken language, religion, national origin, and other dimensions—adds great richness to our society.


We are particularly committed to providing opportunities for community members whose options are limited and whose voices are often unheard.

In addition, we recognize the importance of and seek to support:

Quality leadership:

Quality leadership—whether informal or formal—is an essential component of effective organizations and communities. We recognize the need to support current nonprofit leaders and to foster the next generation.

Organizational excellence:

Individuals, families, and communities need strong and stable institutions and nonprofit agencies that provide high-quality programming, and that are accountable and responsive to their constituencies. Responsible, innovative, and adaptable management is critical to organizations’ programmatic success and sustainability.


Partnerships within philanthropy and the nonprofit sector as a whole can leverage limited resources and effectively advance the common good. In addition, partnerships among the philanthropic, private, nonprofit, and public sectors can substantially improve the effectiveness of all four sectors.


As stewards of philanthropic funds, we have the responsibility to ensure that the Fund’s resources are being used efficiently and appropriately, and that the highest standards of ethical conduct are upheld.


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