The Relationship Between Private Philanthropy And Government

This chapter is excerpted from “Philanthropy: The High Estate,” part IV of Conscience & Community: The Legacy of Paul Ylvisaker, which was edited by NCFP Founder and President Virginia Esposito and published by Peter Lang Publishing in 1999. An excerpt from the introduction:

“Reviewing the principal relationships of business, government, and philanthropy, I think it is easy to say historically that the main relationship has been between government and business. This is in contrast to the medieval period, when dualism of church and state characterized society. No one has missed the point that our society is dOminated by this dualism and tension between business and government. In a broader perspective, without oversimplifying, the role of philanthropy (the so-called “third sector” of nonprofit institutions) has been more of a pawn than a principal in the triad of social structures”

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