How well do you know the nation’s more than 41,000 family foundations? Take this six-question quiz to find out!

Trends in family philanthropy: A quick quiz

Question #1: Founding

True or False: Most of the nation’s 41,000 family foundations were created after the year 1990.


Nearly 70% of all family foundations were created in the 90’s and beyond.

Question #2: Foundation Staffing and Leadership

True or False: Typically paid family members are responsible for running the every-day operations of family foundations.


Nearly 70% of family foundations are run by an UNPAID family member. This is even more common in younger and smaller foundations.

Question #3: Impediments to Engaging the Next Gen

True or False? The biggest impediment to including the next generation in foundation work is a “Lack of Results.”


62% of family foundations say that younger family members add vibrancy and new ideas to the conversation. 43% of foundations say that the phase of life and other commitments is the biggest barrier to engaging its younger family members.

Question #4: Grantmaking Strategy

True or False? Family foundations don’t understand the value of capacity building and long term relationships with their grantee partners.


Roughly 63% of foundations report making capacity building grants.

Question #5: Founder's Values and Wishes

True or False? The most important factor for grantmaking decisions is the founder’s values and wishes.


More than 75% of family foundations said that their founder’s values and wishes matter a lot in their decision-making process.

Question #6: Size of grants

True or False? Family foundations disagree whether it is better to make fewer grants with larger dollar amounts or to make more grants with smaller dollar amounts.


About 28% of family foundations plan to give fewer, larger grants whereas 24% expect to give more, smaller grants in the next few years.

So, how did you do?

Regardless of whether you’re an expert or just starting out in the field of family philanthropy, the NCFP’s Trends in Family Philanthropy study shares field-defining information that everybody can learn from! Download the full results of the study here.

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