What are common mistakes family foundations make when trying to engage next gen?

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already avoiding Mistake #1: thinking that you’ve got nothing left to learn about next gen engagement.

The truth is, getting and keeping people engaged in your foundation’s work can be difficult, regardless of age. But, Biz Ghormley of Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy, Iris Brilliant of Resource Generation, and Mary Galeti of Nexus, sat down with us to discuss some mistakes to avoid.

Biz says:

“Make sure that the older experts aren’t the sole voice in the conversation, or the only presenters at an event.”

When young people get to have a say in the planning process, or are invited to lead a conversation, everyone has an opportunity to learn something.

Iris shares:

“Don’t assume that young people should only play a learning role, or that youth means ignorance.”

A collaborative shared learning model will allow for everyone to play to their strengths and skills, which strengthens the entire team.

Mary adds:

“Don’t reject someone who wants to volunteer their time or skills.”

If your foundation has a mechanism for incorporating volunteerism, you’ll be able to gain valuable participation and momentum.

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