Board committees are at the heart of good governance. Committee members should make the necessary decisions and provide the day-to-day oversight needed to ensure that a family foundation board follows its fiduciary and legal obligations. Refer to Policy Central: Board Commitees for examples of how to organize your foundation’s committees.

Once board roles have been established, you should then determine how you should use your time during your meetings. Deliberation is key in board meetings. The relationship between your board members will ultimately decide the fate of your foundation.

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“Good governance: how should family boards spend their time?” Philip Henderson, President of the Surdna Foundation, shares his thoughts on how a board should function during meetings.

What is the role of the governance committee. A governance committee is one of the most influential standing committees of a nonprofit board. This short checklist describes some specific duties of a typical governance committee. 

Becoming a successful board chair: tips and advice from your peers. Board chairs play an important and indispensable role in family foundations. Much more than just an honorary title, serving as board chair requires extra preparation, time, and specific skill sets. Join NCFP as we learn from The Arthur Vining Davis Foundation Board Chair and President about the wide range of tasks and responsibilities facing board chairs, including overseeing board meetings, succession planning, managing family dynamics, and grantmaking strategy.

10 mistakes new foundation boards make, and how to avoid them. Kris Putnam-Walkerly discusses the challenges that many new board members face. 

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