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Telling Your Story to the American Public

October 22, 1996 | Ivan Lansberg
Before expecting any political help on estate taxes, family businesses have to reverse some negative images. It is the job of the owners of these companies to let the public know what they have always stood for and why the businesses they have created should continue into the future. Read More
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Why Smart People Make Dumb Choices of Leaders

October 17, 1996 | Ivan Lansberg
By and large, family companies lack systems of selection that reduce bias and political intrigue. The choice of a successor will probably be the most important decision you'll ever make. Too much is at stake to take risks. Read More
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Learning to Leverage

September 30, 1996 | Catherine Muther
Catherine Muther, one of the few women to be an officer of a large, publicly held corporation, describes how she used philanthropy and investing for the purpose of leveraging resources to women and girls. Read More
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Advisor’s enthusiasm shapes clients charitable role

August 21, 1996 | Joe Breiteneicher
Some experts predict an intergenerational transfer of wealth over the next 40 to 50 years of between $40 and $136 trillion dollars. Many expect that much of this wealth will become philanthropic capital. This article outlines why this charitable windfall may not happen, and how advisors can proactively supporting their clients' philanthropic interests.  Read More
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Interview: Power in Giving

All too often, philanthropy replicates the power dynamics that it is trying to undo in society. Those holding the purse strings are seen as all-powerful, and those requesting funds feel like beggars. This interview is with Rebecca Rimel, President and CEO of Pew Charitable Trusts. Read More
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Always in the family?

November 8, 1995 | Council on Foundations
Should family foundation board members always be family members? Not necessarily. While some prefer this, others find that a few outside voices can enrich the governance and decision-making of the foundation. Read More
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One for All and All for One

October 31, 1995 | Ivan Lansberg
Effective sibling partners share a commitment to a ‘shared dream,’ a vision of the future that generates excitement and vitality in their working relationship; and a willingness to contribute their own individual talents and skills to its realization. Read More
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Giving Well: A Speech From Alan Alda

October 29, 1995 | Alan Alda
Once you start giving, I think it's not long before you get the feeling that no matter how good you get at it, you'll never be good enough. Sometimes philanthropy seems like a little boat floating precariously on a vast and angry ocean." Read More
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Using the Business to Reconnect with Family

October 22, 1995 | Ivan Lansberg
Entrepreneurs in middle age may embark on misguided efforts to repair the emotional damage from the past. Building a successful and thriving business is truly a miracle. It takes extraordinary energy and endurance as well as relentless determination to succeed against formidable odds. Read More