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Kids Should Feel Free to Follow Their Bliss

October 30, 1994 | Ivan Lansberg
When young people sacrifice their own ambitions in order to live out a parent's dream, the results can be destructive. The best interests of both the family and the business are served when parents heed the wise counsel of mythologist Joseph Campbell and urge their children to "Follow your bliss." Read More
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Common Fantasies About the Consultant’s Role

October 27, 1994 | Ivan Lansberg
When hiring a consultant, clients often have hidden assumptions that can lead the process astray. The consulting process is unlikely to succeed without a realistic assessment, from the start, of what can and cannot be accomplished. Read More
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Twelve Tasks in Succession

October 23, 1993 | Ivan Lansberg
Planning a leadership transition is hard, stressful work. Not every family has the stamina to stay the course, or the courage to face the choices that must be made." Read More
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Who’s on the board? – What Constitutes Board Eligibility Among Changing Definitions of “Family”

August 4, 1993 | Deanne Stone
Like it or not, there is no longer a common definition of "family" for foundations to follow. In many family foundations, the issue of spouses' participation on the board never comes up. It is simply understood that anyone who marries into the family can be considered for board membership. But in other foundations, setting policy regarding spouses is a source of emotional turmoil that pits one family member against another." Explore the definition of "family" and examine board eligibility regarding spouses and live-in partners in this article. Read More
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Make a Career of Retirement

October 30, 1990 | Howard Muson
Howard Muson talks with consultant Leon Danco about a solution for those who cannot let go of the family business: creating and managing family foundation. Read More