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The Butler Family Fund

Inspired by a vision of “a world where being low-income does not mean having to choose between housing and food, and where everyone can have faith in our system of justice,” the $11-million, Washington, DC-based Butler Family Fund is an important advocate in the realms of homelessness and criminal justice reform. Read More
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The Roy A. Hunt Foundation

April 18, 2008
Like many family foundations of its size and age, the Roy A. Hunt Foundation of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania faces a number of challenges: carrying on an important charitable legacy while engaging a growing geographically dispersed family, and balancing the diverse interests of that family to make grants that make a difference. It succeeds in navigating these sometimes difficult waters by virtue Read More
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Strategic Giving: A Balancing Act

April 15, 2008 | Kevin Laskowski
Giving families walk a fine line balancing social impact and family unity. With scarce resources and great needs, many families want every grant to have the most impact possible. At the same time, they are collectively engaged in a family enterprise whose members often have diverse interests, live in different places, and have very different preferences for what to fund. Read More
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Encouraging Young Philanthropists, Part Two

January 15, 2008 | Kevin Laskowski
Last month’s Family Giving News tackled the question of how today’s giving families encourage children to be generous. This month’s issue asks: how can charitable children become effective family philanthropists? How does a family prepare the next generation for possible roles as board members, fund advisors, or philanthropic donors in their own right? Read More
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Encouraging Young Philanthropists, Part One

December 15, 2007 | Kevin Laskowski
The holidays are a time of celebration, sharing, and enjoying the company of family and friends. They’re also a time of advertising, doorbuster sales, and conspicuous consumption. For families concerned about raising charitable children, the holidays can represent a challenge as well as a great opportunity. “Children are barraged by media messages about how buying things will make them happy,” Read More
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The Lumpkin Family Foundation

When the Lumpkin family began, in 2005, to consider a new grant program, they encountered a stumbling block. While the family had a number of common interests—healthy food, education, water quality, nonprofit capacity-building—none of them produced enough “collective passion” to warrant the creation of a new grantmaking focus. “Rather than picking one of the program areas to work in, we Read More
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The Harman Family Foundation: Learning Leads to Focus

Wellesley College Professor of English Barbara Harman awaited the release of her book The Feminine Political Novel in Victorian England. The year was 1998, and when it arrived, after 10 long years of research and writing, she experienced something she assumes many authors discover upon the publication of their work. “That 10 years had been wrapped up in a little Read More
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The Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies

May 15, 2007 | Kevin Laskowski
Charles Bronfman returned from a trustees’ meeting of the Mount Sinai Medical Center with an idea. Bronfman, Chairman and co-founder with his late wife Andrea of the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies, had heard of the Medical Center’s efforts in the emerging field of personalized medicine. Dr. Jeffrey Solomon, President of the Philanthropies, recalls, “He came back to the foundation Read More
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The Hill-Snowdon Foundation

Arthur B. Hill, a pharmaceutical salesman with no formal education who worked his way to the board of directors of Johnson & Johnson, created the Arthur B. Hill Foundation in 1959. For years, the foundation would operate as a “kitchen table” philanthropy with volunteer family members managing the assets and supporting personal interests. Ashley Snowdon, Arthur Hill’s great-granddaughter and now Read More
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Saying Goodbye: Strategic Exits for Family Funds

November 25, 2006 | Kevin Laskowski
The phrase “exit strategy” came to the philanthropic world from the world of venture capital after a brief stint in the military. Venture capitalists look to sell a fledgling enterprise or take a company public, exit strategies that guarantee a return on their investments. Similarly, venture philanthropists help a nonprofit secure additional funding or build earned income in order to Read More