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David Trickett: Wealth and Giving – Notes from a Spiritual Frontier

June 10, 2002 | David G. Trickett
What are the relationships between faith and wealth, on the one hand, and faith and giving, on the other? This essay from 'Faith and Family Philanthropy' will help families address the important links between their faith, spirituality, and philanthropy and serve as an educational tool for wealth advisors to use in their work with families. Read More
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Philanthropy Across Generations — Profile of the Flora Family Foundation

June 8, 2002 | Synergos Institute
One of the most frustrating aspects of foundation work is the frequency with which worthy causes have to be turned away, often for no other reason than that they don’t fit the foundation’s specific mandate. In just four years, though, the children and grandchildren of the late William Hewlett, co-founder of Hewlett-Packard Company, and his late wife, Flora, have created Read More
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Ivy League Advice

May 30, 2002 | Dan Rottenberg
A growing number of Ivy League institutions manage advised funds and other charitable giving vehicles tied to the university. This article describes the emerging role of university-based planned giving officers in providing advice and support to donors regarding their estate planning needs. Read More
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Form Follows Function: How committees and task forces help your board

May 29, 2002 | Sandra Hughes
Committees can be the bane of a board’s existence. Or, its saving grace. Committees are supposed to carry out the nuts and bolts of governance so the full board will be free to be visionary and think “big picture.” That sounds good, but it takes some effort to make committees and task forces as useful as they can be. Work Read More
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Women’s Role in Philanthropy

May 17, 2002 | Ellen Remmer
My involvement in philanthropy, like yours I'm sure, is akin to an octopus. It includes personal giving, giving with my spouse and kids, giving with my family of origin- sisters and Mom, doing fundraising, and as a professional who advises others on effective giving. But it is my giving with my sisters and Mom that I'd like to share with you today since it has been such a "women's experience" and because I'm frankly so proud of what we've done together. Read More
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Social Change Philanthropy and How It’s Done

May 17, 2002 | Alison D. Goldberg
‘Social change philanthropy’ is the term used to describe grantmaking that aims to address the root causes of social and economic inequalities. There are many paths to social change. Here’s how funders dedicated to that concept go about supporting it. Read More
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Governance in the Evolving Business Family

April 29, 2002 | Kelin E. Gersick, Ph.D.
After introducing a three’stage model of business family development in ‘Staying Connected While Growing Apart,’ Kelin Gersick explores the implications of that model for the critical tasks of governance and continuity. While strategy, finance, and management can strengthen a family enterprise, continuity depends viable family relationships, the commitment and collaboration of an ever-expanding network of ever-more-distant relatives. Read More