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Evaluation Handbook

October 28, 1998 | W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Project evaluations that improve the way projects deliver services, improve project management, and help project directors see problems more clearly and discover new avenues for growth. Read More
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That’s the Ticket

May 17, 1998 | Jane Nober
Accepting and using tickets and other tangible benefits of more than minimal value raises questions for foundation managers. Here's what the general Tax Code rules say is acceptable. Read More
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Family Foundation Staffing Models

October 28, 1997 | Alice Buhl, Judith K. Healey
Family foundations generally use a variation of four models in planning the management of their organization – the administrator, consultant, director, or family staff model (or some combination). All of these models are effective, depending on what is important to the family. This sidebar describes the strengths and possible disadvantages of each of these four management models. Read More
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When the generational planets are misaligned

October 20, 1997 | Ivan Lansberg
Parents in their forties and children in their twenties are on a developmental collision course. Parents in their forties enter a period of life reassessment that can shake confidence in their own judgment just as their now grown children enter the family enterprise. Given this complicated dynamic, many recommend the potential successor work outside the family enterprise for a while. Read More
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Sober Commitment

May 17, 1997 | Roger Williams
The Hanley Family Foundation of Vero Beach, Florida, started out by building a facility for treating alcoholism. Ten years later, its grants list also includes support for research, media and advocacy. Read More
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Board Profile Worksheet

March 4, 1997 | Mary Phillips
This grids helps identify desired characteristics and current gaps on your board at a particular stage in your nonprofit’s life. Whether reviewed by a single individual or at a nominating committee meeting, mark the grid for each characteristic that is filled currently by one or more board members. After that, you can more easily identify gaps that you wish to Read More
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Family Councils: The Best Investment a Family Will Ever Make

February 17, 1997 | Ivan Lansberg
The creation of a family council is one way to restore the balance between business and family life. A successful entrepreneur once told me, “No amount of business success ever makes up for a family failure. If the family is not working right, sooner or later it will bring down your business.” Ten years ago this entrepreneur did something to Read More
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Trustees by Margaret Mahoney

December 22, 1996 | Margaret E. Mahoney
This seminal essay from the long-time president of the Commonwealth Fund explores the critical roles and responsibilities of foundation trustees, and the duties of responsible boards of directors. Selected excerpts include: “To fulfill a trust, the trustee must act for the benefit of another, not for personal gain. Trustees are in effect moral decision makers.” “Responsible boards are not born. Read More