Alison Powell

Senior Director of Philanthropy, Bridgespan

Alison Powell is senior director of the philanthropy practice at The Bridgespan Group.


Voices from the Field

Obstacles and Pathways to Greater Giving for Social Change

Posted on June 28, 2019 by Alison Powell, Susan Wolf Ditkoff, Nidhi Sahni

Wooden pathway in the forest
America’s philanthropic landscape is filled with many bright spots. In 2017, Americans gave away over $400 billion to charity for the first time. Giving has also reached historical highs amongst America’s wealthiest families. The most recent data show that households with $500 million or more in assets contributed around $45 billion to charity in 2017… Read More

Giving That Gets Results: SSIR x Bridgespan series on adaptive philanthropy

Posted on April 8, 2014 by Alison Powell, Susan Wolf Ditkoff

Adaptive philanthropy is one of the more interesting developments in the field of philanthropy. Over the course of eight weeks in the late fall of 2013, SSIR and Bridgespan presented Giving That Gets Results ( philanthropy), a series of blogs, videos, and webinars that explored adaptive philanthropy, and other important approaches to philanthropy. … Read More