Anne Ellinger (formerly Anne Slepian) founded Bolder Giving in 2007 with her husband, Christopher Ellinger. After unexpectedly inheriting money and ultimately deciding to give fifty percent of it away, Anne and Christopher dedicated themselves to donor organizing. Anne co-founded More than Money, a nonprofit peer education network which published the groundbreaking More Than Money Journal and co-authored the award-winning book We Gave Away a Fortune, the guidebook Welcome to Philanthropy, and numerous articles in More Than Money Journal. Anne is a graduate of the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa and has her MSW from Boston University.


But I Don’T Have Time!

Posted on October 24, 1999 by Anne Slepian, Christopher Mogil

As the accompanying chart indicates, many of us experience scarcity of time as one of the biggest obstacles to increasing our giving. Our lives already feel impossibly full with work, children, or other interests. For those who feel caught in this extremely common impasse, we offer the steps below as an elegant way to resolve the "lack of time" issue… Read More