Bruce Braden is a philanthropist, energy and real estate entrepreneur, arts patron, teacher, sports fan, Vietnam veteran, and outdoorsman.  If there’s one thing that’s never defined Bruce, it’s his type 1 diabetes. Diagnosed at age 38, Bruce believes managing diabetes has actually made him healthier.  As he puts it, “ Some have said the secret to a long and healthy life is to acquire a chronic disease and manage it. It’s made me more aware and grateful.” Bruce wanted to make a difference for people with diabetes and believes in focusing his philanthropy locally. He co-founded the Braden Diabetes Center at Marin General Hospital.  The BDC provides self-management skills on lifestyle and preventive measures, peer support, intensive management strategies and insulin therapy. Bruce has also supported a variety of local life enriching programs in the San Francisco area such as the Golden Gate University Braden School of Taxation, the Stanford Storytelling Project and the Smuin Contemporary Ballet Company. 

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