Harriette Rothwell has been living and working in Latin America on and off since she was 20 and has worked her entire career in the nonprofit sector. Harriette has expertise in project, volunteer and donor management in countries including Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Chile, Mexico and Sierra Leone. She has an MSc in NGOs and Development from the London School of Economics where she won the Loch Exhibition Prize for Achievement. She also holds a BSc in International Management and Spanish from Bath University. Harriette is the Founder and Director of Pionero Philanthropy, a philanthropy consultancy whose mission is to guide major donors on their philanthropy journey in Latin America. She is passionate about making a difference through connecting outstanding, lesser-known causes in Latin America with philanthropists who are looking to make a meaningful impact.


Voices from the Field

4 Small Nonprofit Challenges That Major Donors Should Understand: a Latin American Lens

Posted on December 18, 2018 by Harriette Rothwell

Supporting small nonprofits in Latin America can have a higher comparative impact due to lower overhead, higher local community involvement and sustainability prospects. Major donors should understand the unique challenges these nonprofits face in order to be responsible and committed to making long term sustainable change in the region… Read More