Jason Franklin was appointed in June 2015 as the W.K. Kellogg Community Philanthropy Chair at the Johnson Center for Philanthropy, to which he brings a background in grantmaking and donor education, nonprofit strategy and leadership, social entrepreneurship, and community organizing and advocacy. As holder of the nation’s first endowed chair focused on community philanthropy, he engages in research, teaching, service, and thought leadership to explore and advance the field, nationally and internationally. This includes work exploring (1) how we give better together through networks and vehicles for collective giving and (2) how we strengthen our giving practices to communities we care deeply about, both place-based and communities of identity. He is a leading voice in the field on issues of collective giving, social justice philanthropy, and broader trends in charity and social change and a regular commentator in the media on these topics in publications ranging from the New York Times, ABC News, and Wall Street Journal to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, NonProfit Times, Alliance Magazine and more.


Community Foundation Spark Session: Giving Circles as a Philanthropic Service

Posted on February 22, 2018 by J Mullineaux, Jason Franklin, Jessica Bearman, Treat Harvey, Tony Macklin

The number of giving circles in the U.S. has tripled to almost 1,110 from 2007. They are an increasingly popular means for people with a shared identity and a shared geography to become involved, educated, and connected. Community foundations, including at least a third of NCFP’s community foundation subscribers, are still the most common fiscal hosts for giving circles. In… Read More