Dr. Pamela Gerloff, a.k.a. “Possibility Pamela,” studies transformational change. Dr. Gerloff is co-author, with Robert Fuller, of Dignity for All: How to Create a World without Rankism and on-site educational consultant to Civic Bangladesh, located in Dhaka. Formerly an Associate Editor with Highlights for Children and later Executive Editor of More Than Money magazine, Pamela currently co-manages, with her family, their ancestral farm in northern Illinois.


Accepting The Gift As Is, A Conversation With Molly Stranahan

Posted on October 21, 2003 by Pamela Gerloff

Receiving money at a young age led me to choose economics as my major, and later, to work in a bank, where I eventually became a trust officer. I wanted to know how money worked. In time, I was allowed to read the trust document for my inheritances, which is when I discovered that there had been misinterpretations of one of the trusts… Read More

Ethical Fitness: Choosing Between Right Vs. Right

Posted on October 28, 2002 by Pamela Gerloff

People often face ethical dilemmas about money, and these dilemmas often involve two important values in conflict rather than a simple right vs. wrong decision. In this interview, Rushworth Kidder discusses his framework for resolving right vs. right dilemmas, and stresses the importance of considering these dilemmas in a thoughtful and careful way… Read More

Public or Private: the Empowered Choice

Posted on November 4, 2001 by Pamela Gerloff

Fear can cause people to keep the amount of money they have a secret, but the choice of how much to disclose should be an informed one based on personal values and beliefs. This article offers guidelines for making this choice, suggesting risk assessment, seeking support, and allowing adequate time for the decision… Read More