The Libra Foundation is a responsive, dynamic and well-endowed private philanthropic foundation.  Since its creation by Elizabeth Noyce in 1989, the Foundation has made significant contributions to worthy causes throughout the State of Maine.  Embracing the sense of proportion and fairness defined by its name, Libra, the Foundation maintains a balance and diversity of giving throughout Maine and across all populations.


Growing the Movement for Human Rights: an Evaluation of the Libra Foundation’s Grantmaking

Posted on September 22, 2009 by The Libra Foundation

In 2008 The Libra Foundation, a family foundation established in 2003, undertook a grantee evaluation as part of a multi-year effort to reflect upon its impact and practices as a grantmaker. The evaluation sought to understand how well The Foundation had been meeting the organizational goals of 1) supporting the domestic and international human rights movement and 2) serving as a partner and resource for grantees… Read More