The effective exit: Managing the end of a funding relationship

Posted on November 17, 2007 by Anne Mackinnon, Jan Jaffe

Effective exits are more likely to happen when grant makers discuss exiting and its implications from the start. Guide contributors share how they plan exits, clarify expectations regularly, and work with grantees to attract new funders. Experienced exiters also offer words of advice on working through (not avoiding) the tensions that so often arise as the end approaches… Read More

Involving All The Players In Evaluation And Change

Posted on October 31, 2007 by Craig McGarvey

This guide focuses on participatory action research (PAR), a widely used applied research methodology. As an evaluation approach, PAR offers grant makers opportunities to bring applied research and evaluation skills to those closest to the issues involved… Read More

A Map of the Craft

Posted on October 21, 2007 by GrantCraft, Jan Jaffe

What helps you get beyond the basics? We asked hundreds of grant makers this question and charted their answers on this map of the craft. Here are seven challenges of grant making, along with practices and skills to help you meet them… Read More

Collaborative Inquiry Among Grantmakers and Grantees

Posted on April 1, 2006 by Craig McGarvey

Many grantmakers champion the idea of using evaluation to improve grantee effectiveness or advance a field of practice. It's a worthy endeavor, but how can you make it happen in the real world? This guide explores an increasingly popular method called "collaborative inquiry."… Read More

World Summits and Conferences: Grantmaking on a Global Stage

Posted on November 18, 2004 by GrantCraft

Summits and world conferences can give grantees an important opportunity to contribute ideas to governments and international agencies – and to link with counterparts and kindred movements around the globe. This guide, drawing on grant maker experiences, looks at how funding in connection with a summit can advance grantees’ programmatic goals and help them get the most from a summit… Read More

Working with the business sector: Pursuing public good and private partners

Posted on November 18, 2004 by Bettye Pruitt

How can grant makers cross the divide between philanthropy and business? Looking at the push and pull between sectors from the vantage point of those working in independent and corporate foundations, this guide examines efforts to partner with and influence the business world. Grant makers weigh the case for engaging business, share strategies for working with companies, and identify skills… Read More