But I Don’T Have Time!

Posted on October 24, 1999 by Anne Slepian, Christopher Mogil

As the accompanying chart indicates, many of us experience scarcity of time as one of the biggest obstacles to increasing our giving. Our lives already feel impossibly full with work, children, or other interests. For those who feel caught in this extremely common impasse, we offer the steps below as an elegant way to resolve the "lack of time" issue… Read More

Learning to Leverage

Posted on September 30, 1996 by Catherine Muther

Catherine Muther, one of the few women to be an officer of a large, publicly held corporation, describes how she used philanthropy and investing for the purpose of leveraging resources to women and girls… Read More

Interview: Power in Giving

Posted on May 4, 1996 by Anne Slepian, Christopher Mogil

All too often, philanthropy replicates the power dynamics that it is trying to undo in society. Those holding the purse strings are seen as all-powerful, and those requesting funds feel like beggars. This interview is with Rebecca Rimel, President and CEO of Pew Charitable Trusts. … Read More

Letter Accompanying a Will

Posted on September 30, 1995 by Anonymous

This letter, written by parents to their young daughter, explains the parents’ desire for their child to lead a middle-class life without the benefit of a large inheritance. It states their wish for her to work for what she wants and determine her own course in life, as well as explaining their decision not to set up a foundation… Read More

Trust Funds: Blessing … or Curse?

Posted on September 23, 1995 by John Levy, Leon Botstein

Should parents pass on their money to their children? In this double interview, John Levy and Leon Botstein provide opposing views on this question, focusing on issues of heirs’ motivation to work, sense of entitlement, and experience with money and giving… Read More

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