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Basic Rules for Governing a Family Foundation

Posted on October 24, 1999 by Robert H. Hull

Once the donor has determined the most appropriate giving mechanism, such as a private foundation, the board of trustees begins to play a role in governance. Usually with the guidance of the donor, the board sets policy for managing foundation affairs, investing the endowment's portfolio, and making grants… Read More

Training the Next Generation

Posted on October 23, 1999 by Lester A. Picker

Preparing the next generation of board members to assume the full range of financial management responsibilities is one of the most difficult challenges faced by family foundations… Read More

Understanding Trustee Responsibilities and Duties

Posted on October 22, 1999 by John E. Craig Jr.

What are the formal duties and responsibilities trustees have with regard to endowment management? How, and by whom, can those responsibilities be met? And, how will the full board know if the endowment is being managed to the optimal benefit of the foundation? These and other related topics are the subject of this chapter. … Read More

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