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Money Talk: Payout rates, Executive Salaries, And Trustee Compensation

Posted on October 30, 2004 by Stanford Graduate School of Business

It's hard for the public to understand the compensation for chief executives. It's not entirely rational...." "There is no research supporting the notion that trustee compensation results in higher levels of engagement, better grantmaking, or better work...." "There is an assumption that foundations must be perpetual. In fact, if you examine the mission statements, the opposite is true… Read More

Resisting Temptations: Lessons on Grantmaking

Posted on November 4, 2003 by Steven A. Schroeder

Lessons on Grantmaking is excerpted and adapted with permission from the ‘President’s Message’ in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 2001 Annual Report. The focus of this article is on four points intended to stimulate others to take up the challenge of helping philanthropy acheive its full potential… Read More

Steppenwolf’s New Stage

Posted on October 28, 2003 by Clara Miller, Tony Proscio

Steppenwolf, epicenter of gangsta theater, transforms itself from an artists’ company into a company for artists. This case study addresses principles that can guide arts and other nonprofit organizations through difficult financial waters… Read More

Smart Money

Posted on October 28, 2003 by Paul Brest

Funders are giving less general operating support – in part because many don’t view unrestricted grants as strategic. Yet general support can be a godsend for nonprofits. And when general support is ‘negotiated,’ it can be effective for foundations as well… Read More

Where Money Meets Mission

Posted on October 20, 2003 by Jed Emerson

It makes no sense to use 5 percent of your assets to try to promote something, while the other 95 percent might be doing something totally contrary… Read More