Organizing a Family Philanthropy

Posted on October 31, 2003 by Norman A. Brown PhD

This article tells the story of the Newmans, a family looking to make the jump from successful family business to effective family philanthropy. Employing the Horak and Kuhn Founders Legacy model, the Newmans clarify their values and then consider the questions of perpetuity, giving vehicles, and management. As the story demonstrates, such a period of thoughtful inquiry prior to forming… Read More

Foundations and the training gap

Posted on October 29, 2003 by Joel J. Orosz

This article explains that training is essential in advancing the science of grantmaking while promoting its art, for while we still need generalists in the foundation field, we need trained generalists… Read More

Terra Incognita

Posted on October 4, 2002 by Joel J. Orosz

Despite foundations’ impressive history, Professor Joel J. Orosz contends we know very little about foundation management and provides an overview of the challenges foundation managers face and the trade-offs they must negotiate. The philanthropic sector, for instance, lacks those structures that enable success in other sectors, e.g., pre-employment training, a cohesive culture, and reliable feedback. Without that discipline, managers must… Read More

Program Evaluation in the Foundation Context

Posted on November 4, 2001 by Joel J. Orosz

Professor Joel J. Orosz presents a short history of evaluation in the foundation world and takes a look at the different models, e.g., scientific and participatory, of evaluation at work in philanthropy today to argue that the zero’sum game of money for grants versus money for evaluation no longer makes sense for today’s grantmaker… Read More

Twelve Characteristics of a Good Proposal

Posted on October 23, 2000 by Joel J. Orosz

Proposals come in all shapes, lengths, and sizes; as a program officer, you can review them according to any number of criteria. Nonetheless, it is possible to identify some generic characteristics that are hallmarks of a good proposal that contains a good idea. Although it is unlikely that any proposal will include all twelve of these characteristics, better ones should contain more than half of them… Read More

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