FADICA: How Catholic Family Philanthropy Keeps a Hallowed Tradition

Posted on October 29, 2002 by Francis J. Butler

Catholic family foundations have organized into a donor group that provides highly motivated, carefully directed giving to nurture and revitalize Catholicism in the U.S. and worldwide. This overview from 'Faith and Family Philanthropy' features a brief history of Catholic philanthropy, and a discussion of the current challenges and opportunities for Catholic donors in the U.S. and worldwide… Read More

Facing Important Legal Issues

Posted on October 28, 2002 by John Sare

This chapter from 'Splendid Legacy' covers a wide variety of important legal issues for family foundations getting started, including: defining your foundation's charitable purposes; obtaining recognition of tax-exempt status; and selected the assets that will fund the foundation. … Read More

Fashioning an Investment Strategy

Posted on October 28, 2002 by Jason Born

This chapter from 'Splendid Legacy' contains background, ideas, and suggestions to help family foundation boards develop investment policies and practices that meet legal requirements and are consistent with the goals and mission of their philanthropy. … Read More

Establishing grantmaking interests and priorities

Posted on October 28, 2002 by Deanne Stone

Grantmaking is the central activity of a family foundation or donor advised fund and the purpose for its existence. This chapter from 'Splendid Legacy' explores a wide range of issues that are likely to come up in your grantmaking - from developing guidelines to learning how to conduct effective site visits to measuring the effectiveness of your philanthropy. … Read More

Families Can Find Mission in Their Dreams

Posted on October 28, 2002 by Jonathan Hopps

Family foundations and advised funds often begin with the donor/founder or a donor couple establishing the vision and mission. Increasingly, new family philanthropies include all family members (and others who are expected to play a role) in determining the shared sense of purpose. … Read More

Richard A. Lord: Finding Grace, Gratitude, and Generosity in the Episcopal Church

Posted on October 28, 2002 by Richard A. Lord

Do religious organizations have the spiritual authority to challenge congregants to lead more generous lives? In the religious context, is charitable giving more than a financial matter? This case study from 'Faith and Family Philanthropy' suggests that giving is an emotional and spiritual practice that, over the course of a lifetime, transforms the giver's relationships with God, others, and the world as a whole… Read More

Setting Up Shop

Posted on October 27, 2002 by Deborah Brody Hamilton

Establishing good management processes and procedures for your family foundation at the outset supports the program goals and content of your philanthropy. This chapter from 'Splendid Legacy' introduces a philosophy and structure for managing your family foundation, including: Managing in support of the charitable mission; Assessing what work must be done; Deciding how the work can be done. … Read More

Communicating: Enhancing Process, Participation, and the Public Face of the Foundation

Posted on October 27, 2002 by Vince Stehle

Effective communication expands the base of potential charitable partners (especially grantees); informs the community and generate community support for initiatives; creates a supportive environment for grantees; and spreads the results of grantees' work to a larger audience. This chapter from 'Splendid Legacy' provides strategies and tips for reaching these and other communications' objectives… Read More

Building on Your Best Hopes: from Vision to Action

Posted on October 24, 2002 by Joseph Foote

A family's journey toward faith-directed philanthropy can begin with a single step - a look at your own values, motives, and traditions. In this introductory essay to 'Faith and Family Philanthropy' Journal, Ambassador James A. Joseph suggests that inquiring about how compassionate values are developed helps us to better understand how our own values, our charitable impulse, developed… Read More

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