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Module 1: Unit 3

Wealth creation

What is the spirit and inspiration behind your family's philanthropy? Understanding the source of philanthropic resources is a fundamental component for appreciating family history and leadership.

In this unit, you will find articles and resource to help you better understand your family’s wealth generation and tools to help youth answer the question, "How is this wealth relevant to me?"

Read (5 minutes)
Wealth as a value This short guide provides key questions that may arise in family discussions about money and values.
Read (30 minutes)
Estate Planning as a Family: A Collaborative Approach This issue brief describes the stages of life that children and parents go through, and how each affect the context in which estate planning takes place.
Read (30 minutes)
Philanthropy’s Role in Developing Responsible Adults This issue brief identifies four areas of philanthropic engagement which can contribute to inhibiting entitlement behaviors in children of wealth.
Read (5 minutes)
Engage the Next Generation in Giving This resource, explores how today’s donors are creating a culture of family giving, from sharing the family’s history to engaging in service projects and volunteerism, teaching financial literacy to facilitating discretionary giving. It also highlights resources to help you engage your family’s children and young adults and set the stage for a lifetime of giving.
Read (90+ minutes)
Wealth in Families ($$) A preeminent resource on understanding and managing wealth in the family context. Authored by Charles Collier, former senior philanthropic advisor at Harvard University and a nationally recognized expert on family philanthropy and family wealth advising.
Tune-in (60 minutes)
Children, families and wealth – How philanthropy can help This webinar addresses the role of philanthropy in raising children amidst abundance, discusses the challenges that wealth poses and how philanthropy might help.
Do (60 minutes)

picture-your-legacyGrandparent Legacy Project ($$)

Completing the Activity: The Grandparent Legacy Project offers a guide for capturing your family’s story along with 15 examples from American families. Developed by 21/64 and Exponent Philanthropy.