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Module 1: Unit 6

Skills and talents

The challenge and beauty of families working together are the different skill sets and talents present in each individual family member. Assisting your next generation in identifying their skills and talents, while acknowledging the skills of your other family members, will allow for a more fruitful working relationship. Often times people focus on both the strengths and weaknesses of a person, but it is more productive to build upon the individual strengths of each family member as it will allow for better team- building while engaging in your family giving.

Read (10 minutes)
Fifteen Timeless Tips For Trustee Training and Succession This article presents 15 tips to engage next gen family members in your family's giving program, including how to manage different types of family leaders and ideas for embracing yet-to-be discovered skills and talents.
Read (5 minutes)
Successful Succession: Inspiring and Preparing New Generations of Charitable Leaders This Passages Issue Brief by NCFP President Virginia Esposito describes why, when, and how your family foundation's board can prepare the next generation for charitable service. These practical and proven strategies will be of interest to any family thinking about or going through a succession process.
Read (5 minutes)
Family philanthropy glossary You are not imagining it – the field of philanthropy is full of lingo and acronyms and tax-related terms. 21/64 compiled this glossary from definitions provided by the Donors Forum of Chicago and The Foundation Center.
Tune-in (5 minutes)
Multi-generational philanthropy: Supporting the next generation This webinar discusses how families can teach the skills that will help youth become successful philanthropists.
Do (60 minutes)
StrengthsQuest Finder ($$) This tool is often used in academics to identify strengths of students, faculty, and staff. Focusing on one's strengths, you then follow the activities listed in the guidebook to combine family members' strengths and maximize your family's shared potential.
Do (20 minutes)

True Colors

True Colors

Completing the activity: True Colors is a personality and skills inventory developed to help understand the different dynamics between people by assigning a color to each personality type. Have your family go through True Colors and then discuss where each of you fall on the color spectrum.