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Module 2: Unit 1

Donor vision and legacy

Take the time to learn why and how your family’s philanthropy first began. This fundamental grounding will provide both insights and inspiration. 

In this unit you will find examples of families that taught their younger generation about the family's legacy of giving and acitivies to help your family do the same.

Read (15 minutes)
It begins with donor Learn about several families – Peabody, Carnegie, Rosenwald, Haze and Noyes – who viewed the questions of donor intent, perpetuity, and legacy each with a different lens in this excerpt from the NCFP Journal, "Living the Legacy."
Read (45 minutes)
Passion: Discovering meaning in your philanthropy This primer from The Philanthropic Initiative is intended to help families and donors to reflect upon your strongest and deepest feelings about what you want to accomplish with your giving, and how this connects to your satisfaction as a philanthropist. Stories and examples are included to illustrate how individuals have identified their own philanthropic passions.
Tune-in (5 minutes)
Family philanthropy and leaving a legacy Mark Shriver describes his entre into philanthropy, through the teachings of his mother, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who carefully nurtured a philanthropic spirit in her children, many of whom went on to establish well-known programs.
Tune-in (60 minutes)
Seeding family tradition Listen to this conversation about important tools for transmitting personal values and beliefs to future generations, featuring one of the nation's leading experts on ethical wills and two family foundation executives who worked with their respective founders to create powerful - and practical - donor legacy statements.
Do (45 minutes)
Preparing for a board retreat on donor legacy Get started in the process of establishing your donor legacy statement through conversations with your board of directors. This guide offers suggestions for planning a successful retreat and resources to tap, compiled by NCFP staff.
Do (10 minutes)
Picture Your Legacy ($$) Utilize a set of image cards to guide your family towards articulating their vision of what they hope to achieve through giving. This is a fun and interactive activity created by 21/64 that can be done with the whole family.
Do (60 minutes)
The Grandparent Legacy Project ($$) Read and hear stories of 15 individuals and couples who describe how they conveyed their philanthropic legacies. Then, utilize the corresponding workbook to conduct an interview of your own with your family.