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Module 2: Unit 3

Giving interests and mission

What is your family hoping to achieve through it's giving? Is there an internal and an external mission?

In this unit you will learn about the mission of your family's giving and how this is an important stepping stone in understanding your family's philanthropy as a whole.

Read (15 minutes)
Principles and goals for family participation Consider these principles and goals for family participation when laying the groundwork for involving the next generation of family members. Developed by the Andrus Family, whom for close to 100 years and 5 generations has successfully engaged family members through the Sundra Foundation.
Read (10 minutes)
Giving Well by Alan Alda This inspiring speech by well-known actor Alan Alda, reflects on the motivation behind his and his wide Arlene's giving, the establishment of their family foundation, and how finding their purpose has been, in a way, finding their own identity.
Do (15 minutes)
Download a Mission Statement Worksheet This worksheet, developed by The Greater Cincinnati Foundation, offers key questions to consider and a quick option for developing a draft mission statement.
Tune-in (60 minutes)
Balancing internal vs. external missions in family philanthropy Watch this NCFP webinar that profiles two families with clear agendas for change: externally through their grantmaking goals and internally with their own families in terms of involvement and leadership.
Tune-in (15 minutes)
TEDx Video: How to buy happiness Discover the results of Michael Norton's Research study on how college students and other people around the world bought their happiness by giving.
Do (5 minutes)

Inspired Philanthropy

Discover your giving interests ($$)

Completing the activity: After identifying your core values now it's time to discover the issues and causes that mean the most to you, and put it all together. Consider the leading resource for giving planning, take advantage of the worksheets and exercises in: Inspired Philanthropy